Rohde & Schwarz and MESIT jointly invest in secure communications solutions and form DICOM

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Rohde & Schwarz and MESIT have established a new joint venture (JV) with MESIT as the majority shareholder. The strategic purpose is to further enhance the trusted, interoperable SOVERON communications system. SOVERON stands for fully integrated, high-performance and scalable trusted communications solutions for all branches of the armed forces. SOVERON strengthens customers digital sovereignty and gives them the greatest possible independence from manufacturers.


The JV is named DICOM, s.r.o. and has commercial operations in Uherské Hradiště in the Czech Republic. DICOM will perform advanced research and development (R&D). It will initially focus on the new SOVERON lightweight handheld software defined radio (SDR) with networking and multiband capability in the UHF/VHF frequency range.


“We are delighted with this joint investment. The creation of DICOM allows both partner companies to accelerate the development and production of the SOVERON product portfolio. With this JV, the Czech Republic becomes the fourth country in which Rohde & Schwarz is represented in sales, service (Prague), manufacturing (Vimperk) and R&D (Uherské Hradiště),” explains Pavel Šalanda, Managing Director at DICOM.


“MESIT and Rohde & Schwarz have already successfully co-operated in the past. Now we are taking the next logical step by joining forces in R&D to take full advantage of our joint capacities. Together we will be able to successfully address new markets,” adds Igor Gerek, Managing Director at DICOM and Deputy Charmain of the Board at MESIT.


“Many defense forces around the world use cutting-edge solutions from Rohde & Schwarz. We are looking forward to expanding our presence in the Czech Republic. This new JV will create new technological advances, allowing us to provide digital sovereignty to our customers,” concludes Bosco Novak, Executive Vice President Secure Communications Division at Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz appoints new Executive Vice President Human Resources

Holger Schötz (39) took over leadership of the Human Resources Division with the Munich-based technology group Rohde & Schwarz. In his new function, Mr. Schötz, who was hired from within the global company’s own ranks, has simultaneously become a member of Corporate Management.

The more than 11,500 employees with Rohde & Schwarz represent the cornerstone of the company’s success. They work to lay the foundation for developments such as autonomous driving, the internet of things (IoT) and the communications standards of tomorrow. As an employer, it is important to the company to provide a flexible and employee-centered working environment for the people who drive innovation. Holger Schötz will remain true to this philosophy as he continues shaping and developing the Human Resources Division with an eye to future challenges.

Mr. Schötz, who earned his degree in industrial engineering, spent two years as a product manager with the global company Zollner Elektronik AG before joining Rohde & Schwarz in 2007. He spent more than 10 years in various operational roles at the Teisnach plant and at the same time completed an MBA, specializing in management and leadership. In his most recent position, Holger Schötz served as the deputy plant manager in Teisnach with staff responsibility for the approximately 2,000 manufacturing employees at the plant. Since 2018, he has headed projects for different strategic initiatives with a global reach at the Rohde & Schwarz corporate headquarters in Munich. At the same time, he has played a key role in developing the corporate strategy.

This wide-ranging experience will be highly beneficial in his new position. Mr. Schötz says: “I’ve always found it exciting to bring about change by taking a new look at something from the outside. To apply that approach, I feel that I have built a strong network through my past positions with the company. I’ve worked with people in production and in corporate development. I see that as a big advantage when it comes to establishing the Human Resources Division as a valuable partner for business – and therefore making an important contribution to the company’s success.”

In this function, Holger Schötz is taking over from Hans Knapek, who successfully led the Human Resources Division for 11 years. During that time, the global workforce of Rohde & Schwarz increased by around 5000 employees. Under Mr. Knapek’s leadership, the HR Division successfully shaped and guided this strong growth. He will remain with the company in an advisory role until he retires in 2020.

Rohde & Schwarz and MediaTek collaborate on mmWave OTA measurement technologies


Rohde & Schwarz, a leading manufacturer of test & measurement solutions and communications and broadcasting equipment, announced a strategic collaboration with MediaTek to accelerate the development of mmWave OTA measurement technologies.

MediaTek, as a leading mobile platform provider, has placed major investments in 5G and is among the key global brands readying solutions for the launch for the upcoming 5G commercial rollout. To successfully launch 5G, several key technology developments need to be accelerated, some of which are massive MIMO antenna arrays, algorithm design, and Over-the-Air (OTA) testing.

In 5G mmWave communication systems, there are some challenges to be solved to ensure seamless user experiences. For example, high path loss and shadowing effects could significantly decrease signal strength. To improve signals, MediaTek is working on chipset development that includes beamforming antenna array design technology. To ensure quality and the characteristics of each beam, it is important to have a testing environment to measure multiple beam streams precisely and a reliable and speedy chamber is required. In this joint cooperation, MediaTek leverages Rohde & Schwarz OTA solution to improve measurement technology.

Rohde & Schwarz provides a complete 5G mmWave OTA turnkey solution based on the R&S ATS series to perform the testing. The R&S ATS series consists of a rack-sized shielded RF test chamber on castors, suitable mounts for test objects and sensors, and a wideband measurement antenna, which covers the whole frequency range. Using the associated test and measurement equipment and the antenna measurement software, radiation patterns of 5G antenna arrays can be measured extremely precisely in just a few minutes.

A positioning laser supports precise orientation of test objects. All this makes the R&S ATS series antenna test system the ideal test environment for fast and accurate repeatable measurements. The R&S SMW200A and R&S FSW43 provide up to 40 GHz operating frequency and 2 GHz modulation/demodulation bandwidth. The R&S ZVA40 vector network analyzer supports up to four independence signal sources for the four-port configuration allowing parallel signal output. The R&S ZVA series is an ideal choice for demanding measurements tasks in the lab and in production. Together, these advanced instruments ensure the ideal test platform for fast and accurate repeatable measurements, from R&D through to deployment.

Alexander Pabst, Vice President Systems & Projects at Rohde & Schwarz, says: “We are pleased to cooperate with MediaTek for OTA development to ensure 5G product testing requirements. Rohde & Schwarz is committed to accompany the evolution path from 4G to 5G with innovative test and measurement solutions.”